2017 Officers


Yvonne Erwin

Yvonne Erwin, President, and is a legal assistant at Carnahan, Evans, Cantwell & Brown, P.C. in Springfield. Yvonne writes women’s interest books. Her first novel, The Discovery of Joy tells the struggles and triumphs of three women, released in 2014. The Sisters of Madelaine Lane was published in 2016. She also co-authored a book, A Glimpse of Glory: My Journey to Heaven and Back. Yvonne is a member of Missouri Writers’ Guild and also the Ozarks Romance Authors. Yvonne lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her black lab, Ella. Yvonne has served the Guild as past President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Simonson, Candy

Candy Simonson

Candy Simonson, Vice President and Newsletter Editor, has served the Guild as past Treasurer and Director-at-Large. Candy writes Christian fiction/family drama and mystery. Her award-winning short stories and essays have been published in five anthologies, and almost 400 articles have appeared in national print and online magazines. Her Young Adult family drama trilogy: Love’s Journey Home (2013), Love Looks Back (2015), and Love’s Amazing Grace(2015), and anthology of 26-sentence flash fiction stories, A Quick Read, can be found on Amazon.com. In 2017, she published Thoughts for Evening Time, A Devotional  and co-authored a children’s story coloring book with original art, All Beautiful Creatures. Now retired from a career in technology training, she lives in Strafford, Missouri, with her husband, Tim.

John Cawlfield

John Cawlfield, Secretary, is the Branch Manager for Schraad and Associates, the largest independent food broker in the Central United States. He attended Missouri State University earning a degree in Psychology. John writes under the pen name J.C. Fields. His interest in writing started in high school but took a back seat while he and his wife raised their two sons. In 2006, he opened his laptop and starting putting words on paper again. His first crime thriller, The Fugitive Trail, was released in 2015 followed by The Assassin’s Trail in 2016. Both are available on Amazon.com in print, e-book, and audio. The Imposter’s Trail hopes to be released in 2017. Research for his novels started while traveling extensively throughout the United States. John served as Treasurer of the Guild for two years. He is also a member of the Missouri Writers Guild. Currently, he resides in Battlefield, Missouri with his wife, Connie and their rescue cat, Asia.


Lynette Garrison

Lynette Garrison, Treasurer
Lynette Garrison is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice while working in the Insurance industry. She has been in insurance for many years and has traveled all over the United States with her insurance positions. Lynette started writing short stories in High School and has always had a love for books and writing. She has written several stories and is currently working on her first novel titled Intersection. Lynette lives in Springfield Missouri with her rescue dog, Allie. This is her first time serving on the board and has been a member of Springfield Writers Guild for a little over a year.

Humphrey, Michael

Michael Humphrey

Michael Humphrey, Director-at-Large. Michael has a Music Education Degree from Central Methodist University and says he plays every instrument except for strings; the guitar is next on his list. He has been writing skits and plays for over ten years, some which have been performed on three continents. He says he writes “to bring humor to the church,” but he also writes to inspire, and to make people think. His skits and plays have been performed all over the world. One of his skits, “And the Animals Talked,” has been done by numerous groups for various causes. He is in the process of writing two musicals. Michael lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife, Debra. This is Michael’s second year as Director-at-Large. He also served the Guild as Secretary.

The Appointed Offices of SWG:

Weyland, Nick

Nick Weyland

Nick Weyland, Mentor Coordinator, is now retired from the U. S. Dept. of Justice and Homeland Security throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. His position as Supervisory Special Agent, and then Section Chief for Immigration Enforcement gave Nick much knowledge and writing material. He took those experiences and wound them into two published novels: The Keepers of the Castle, and When Knights Wore Shining Armor. Nick lives with his wife, Beverly, and two dogs, Holly and Gweny, in Springfield, Missouri. Nick has been the Mentor Coordinator during the critique hour for many years. His books can be obtained by emailing Nick.

Terry Smith

Terry Smith

Terry Smith, Webmaster. Before retiring, Terry worked at Advanced Circuitry for almost 41 years as a quality engineer. The highlight of his career was the creation of a program for the chemical lab that streamlined, fool-proofed, controlled and automated some 400 plus chemical analyses.Terry enjoys writing poetry and short stories. He lives with his wife, Marilyn in Fair Grove, Missouri. Terry has been the webmaster of the Guild for many years.

Amanda Kassner

Amanda Kassner

Historian.  A native Missourian, Amanda Kassner lives in north Ozark with her husband, Jarod, and son, Sam. She is in the process of writing her mystery/crime drama about a paralegal tackling a new murder case.  Besides being an avid reader, Amanda is teaching herself how to crochet all while taking care of their active two-year-old. In her day job, she is a paralegal at Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.



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