Why You Need a Logline

What is a logline? It’s a summarization of your story in three sentences.  Can you do it?  A few months ago, one of SWG’s speakers spoke about creating your logline…the backbone of facts from which you can then create the body of your work. A logline is the essence of your story.

The logline (a term that is typically used when talking about movies and scripts) must answer:

  • Who is the main character (protagonist)?
  • What is the inciting incident?
  • What is the protagonist’s quest?

The logline created at the beginning of your work gives you a place from which to start.

This guest post by Wendy Thomas gives some great tips on developing your logline and why you should know it at the beginning of your work. Read more:

at Your story’s logline and roadmap — Live to Write – Write to Live

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