Publish Your Own Anthology

Writing short stories will give you fresh insights and help hone your writing skills. It will also help to tighten those words and thoughts into a publishable collection. You can create an anthology of your own, or others’short stories! Pick a genre, create a theme, and get started. What’s stopping you?

This article has some great tips for how to get started….

A collection of short stories can quickly build into a book. One excellent example of this development method combined the author’s love for canine companions with her knowledge of training police and military working dogs. Violetta Kovacs collected multiple short stories about various K9s who exemplify excellence in the daring and often deadly “jobs” they carry out. Then, she published her book: K9 COMMANDO, Police and Army Dogs from New York to Berlin.  Read more...

via Conversations: 6/17/2016 — Self Publishing Advisor

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