The Writer’s Voice

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Erwin

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Erwin

Many writers struggle with what voice means, or, rather, what their voice is. While it is an ethereal concept, voice is not difficult to spot. Your voice began upon your birth and grew with every experience, and life event, good or bad, sweet or bitter. Voice is comprised of your heritage, your religious values, the region where you live. Voice is the sum of all your parts.

Voice is not to be mistaken for style, which is the conveyance of words on paper. Note Ernest Hemingway’s larger than life, manly voice. His style is spartan in conveying his story. Elin Hildebrand’s novels take place in the summer, on Nantucket Island. Her voice is summery, shimmering, while her style is contained, like Nantucket Island.

What is your voice? Think about it.


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