February 2021 Speaker Paul McSorley

Paul McSorley and his wife, Niki,  have made it their business to narrate books and provide background music in collaboration with Audible.com. Taking the proceeds from the first book production, he built a professional recording studio in his home. He says he gained interest in audiobooks in 2010 by simply listening to them, volunteeri time with Goodwill Industries reading live and recording for the blind.

Taking on other volunteer recording projects for a nonprofit group gave him the confidence to jump into the world of audiobook narration. He now has 95 audiobooks under his belt. Some SWG authors who used their services are John Cawlfield (aka JC Fields); Steven Bassett (aka Eli Pope), and Andy Tarbox (aka Drew Thorne). Paul will share his journey of narrating stories, what goes into narrating a book and working with authors. The McSorleys live in Ohio.

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