2021 Spring Writing Contest

SWG Spring Writing Contest
“The Strange Mirror”


The rest is up to your imagination. Your story must contain the words “the strange mirror.” 
No picture prompt. Describe it in your words. 

750 words or less/any genre
All members are eligible
Deadline: March 31, midnight

PRIZES: 1st prize -$75 / 2nd prize – $50 / 3rd prize – $25 / HM to be awarded at the April meeting.

Send your story to springfieldwritersguild@gmail.com

Entries (in order of submission)
A Strange Mirror
Love Sees Beyond the Mask
Cracked Frame
Hold Firm to a Standard
The Stange Mirror
On a Gravel Road
Reflection with No Name
Swingin’ on a star
Mirror Friends
Spinach Tortellini Soup 
The White Deer
The Imagination Room
The Spooky Reflection
Mirror Mirror
The Story That Wasn’t
Murder at the Read
The Lost Trail
The Short List
Meeting Me
Hall of Mirrors

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