2020 Fall Writing Contest

SWG Fall Writing Contest

Prizes of $75-first, $50-second, $25-third and honorable mention 

Writing from a picture prompt: Look for the obvious – and then look for clues for a story. Some questions to ask  –
1. Who is he? Why is he alone? What’s his thoughts? Why isn’t he with the group across the lake?
2. What lurks in the forest? Or in the lake? What is beyond the mountains?
3. Is he waiting for someone? Or running away? Hiding in plain sight?

Your story may be creative nonfiction (i.e., a semi-true story) or fiction, or an essay (true life story).

Contest rules:

  • 750 words or less or a one-page poem
  • Any genre
  • Deadline: October 31 at midnight
  • Winners of the Summer Contest are ineligible

Contest winners to be announced in November

Entries (in order of submission)
The White Cliffs
A Peril Affair
Aunt Gladys
To My Surprise
The Promise
The Lake’s Charm
The Pledge
The Cochlear Implant
Dr Scott Pascum
Pull, Pearle, Pull
Terror at Turtle Lake
Love and Warfare
The Excursion
Light Bringer
Saying Goodbye to Savannah
Meeting at the Lake
Heart of an Explorer

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