July 25, 2020 Speaker Sheila Athens

Sheila Athens

Join us as traditionally published author & experienced book coach Sheila Athens shares the secrets she’s gained by providing developmental edits on dozens of manuscripts.  During this course, novelists will learn how solidifying the bones of a story before you write will make your fiction stronger.  We’ll discuss the point of your story, the protagonist’s goal, the lessons your protagonist needs to learn along the way and other essentials.  These are the elements that make literary agents, acquiring editors and final readers latch onto a story & fall willingly under its spell.

Athens is a traditionally-published author and a book coach who specializes in mainstream fiction, women’s fiction and romance.  After getting her start as a book coach with Author Accelerator, she founded her own private coaching and editing business, where she’s edited dozens of manuscripts. Her clients have gone on to gain top-tier agents, contracts with Big 5 publishers and successful sales for self-published books. Her schedule stays full due to word-of-mouth advertising from her many satisfied clients. Her debut novel, The Truth About Love, was published in the United States, Germany and Turkey. She’s a past chairperson for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association Agent Pitch Events. For more about Sheila, visit SheilaAthens.com.

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