2019 Fall Contest

The SWG Fall Writing Contest

Sept. 1-Oct. 31

Write a scary story using a real news headline and/or some or all of the facts.

Pick a real headline from the news – either in the newspaper or online.   Cite your source.

Entries (in the order they were submitted):
The Eyes Have It
Murder Most…
Turn About
Car Trouble
Who Lies Within Evil’s Shadow
How to Star in Your Own Horror Movie
Mistaken Night
Nothing Left but the Hunger
The Road to Bastrop
Bare Island


Voting will begin November 1. Winners will be announced at the November meeting.


*Create a scary story using real news headlines or facts
*Must cite your source
*Not necessary to use headline title in story
*Genre: drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, paranormal, or thriller
*750 words (or less) –The title does not count toward word count.
*Must be the unpublished writing of the author.
*SWG MEMBERS ONLY: Winners of the Summer Contest are ineligible.

CASH PRIZES – $75/$50/$25/HM


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