August 24, 2019 Speaker

Dr. Kevin Henderson

Dr. Kevin Henderson has taught American and British literature, creative writing, genre studies, special seminars, and literary theory at Drury University for many years. In addition to his professorship, he also serves as Faculty Coordinator for English.

Kevin is the author of several short stories, essays, and feature articles. He has read his fiction and criticism at numerous universities and conferences and presented his scholarship on literature, film, and writing in the humanities at a conference in Washington, D.C. in 2014. He is a charter member of Drury’s online programs and one of an original five to offer courses via this method of delivery. He has been honored as Drury’s Outstanding Educator of the Year, serves on the Humanities Steering Committee and Continuing Studies Council, and is currently the Director of the Humanities Film Series at the Moxie. He is also serving as Interim Director of the University.


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