2019 Spring Contest


“A Sweet Love Story”

PRIZES: $75 – first place / $50 – second place / $25 – third place
DEADLINEMarch 31, midnight

*Winners are selected by the members. If there’s a tie, there will be a second vote.
Winners will be announced at the April meeting. You have two months to write your story.

It must be a complete story – 750 words or less.

  1. It must have “love” as its theme but can be any subgenre (the list is attached for suggestions).
  2. The title can be your own.
  3. Members only (there is no submission fee).

*(Note: A “Sweet” love story is generally G-rated) 😊😘

Send your story as an attachment to springfieldwritersguild@gmail.com or put it in the body of the email reply).
We look forward to reading your story!! Let your imagination fly free!

A Love as Sweet as Pie
Divine Providence
A Practical Coupling
So Close, Yet So Far Away
Love is in the Eye of the Beholder


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