August Mini-Contest

A-Z Story in 26 Sentences


  1. Write a complete story or poem from A-Z.
  2. Every sentence must begin with a sequential letter of the alphabet. You are permitted to start at the end (Z-A) or in the middle (M-L), but letters must be in order and include ALL the letters.
  3. Leniency will be given with the letter “x”.  Although there are some xenial words you can use beginning with the letter “x”, you may also use a word beginning with “EX” like ‘excellent.’
  4. Any genre story – any form of poem
  5. 1000 words or less – ONLY 26 SENTENCES!
  6. No entry fee
  7. SWG members only
  8. Winners of the June contest are not eligible to win but may enter for the fun and writing exercise
  9. Enter as many times as you wish.
  10. Deadline: Midnight – August 16

Obscure Award Winning Production
A New Occupant
A Particular Kind of Hunt
Face of Rejection
Lucky She Guessed
The FLower Show
Zizzing Through The Air With The Greatist Of Ease
A fact of life
The ABC’s of Murder
The Pledge
Conflicted Spirits
They Didn’t Know

SEND TO: as an attachment or in the body of the email.
Winners will be announced at the August meeting
First place – KINDLE FIRE!
Second place – $25 check
Third place – $15 check

About Springfield Writers' Guild

Springfield Writers' Guild was formed in 1943 to encourage new writers and hone the skills of the writing craft. The group meets every fourth Saturday of the month (except for December) at McAlister's Deli, 1711 W. Battlefield in Springfield, Missouri. Visitors are welcome.
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