March 25 Speaker

casey-cowanCasey will speak on: Authors should expect more from their publishers.

Casey W. Cowan has worked in and around the journalism, artistic, and literary fields for twenty years. He’s worked as a reporter, photographer, and graphic designer for a variety of newspapers and print companies, has designed tickets for professional and collegiate sports teams, and is the co-founder of Oghma Creative Media, a traditional, mid-sized publisher based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. As President and Creative Director there, he helps brand, promote, and publish authors nationwide. He has six children, holds a BA in Military History, and enjoys reading, photography, and shooting in his spare time, and is also currently in the process of writing his first novel, Tarleton’s Quarter.

About Springfield Writers' Guild

Springfield Writers' Guild was formed in 1943 to encourage new writers and hone the skills of the writing craft. The group meets every fourth Saturday of the month (except for December) at McAlister's Deli, 1711 W. Battlefield in Springfield, Missouri. Visitors are welcome.
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