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November Speaker

Heather Snow is an award-winning historical romance author with a degree in Chemistry. She discovered she preferred creating chemistry on the page rather than in the lab. When asked how her Chemistry degree helped her writing, she responds,  “Most chemical … Continue reading

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The Book Beautiful: Front & Back Matter (It Matters!)

Originally posted on Self Publishing Advisor:
So you’ve written a manuscript, thus the ‘meat’ of your book is complete. However, you want to happily sandwich that meat between what we call ‘front matter’ and ‘back matter.’ Front matter includes things…

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A Guide To Book Cover Design

Originally posted on Mundus Media Ink:
Let’s be honest, we all judge a book by its cover most of the time (and there are legions of blogs dedicated to the pastime). Books with good graphics, and eye-catching font are good quality…

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Powerful Writing Techniques

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By Henry Herz Take a moment, close your eyes, and recall a story that truly engaged you as a reader – one whose world and characters became completely real for you. Got one? Now,…

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